viernes, 24 de enero de 2014

Depression, the consumer society and self respect: an opinion

Come on, cheer up! I know, you've got lots of bills to pay, your girlfriend is on another wave length, your sex life has taken vacations and besides you´ve lost your Ipod and feel down in the dumps, you find it difficult to decide what to do, your body feels heavy and lifeless, somebody tells a joke and you can't even smile, you bitch at almost anything and nobody understands you, it seems that you will inevitably repeat the error that sent you to Hell, there is no future for you. 

Your problem: you've lost respect for yourself. Where did you leave your self esteem? Besides, you live in a city where the consumer society knocks on your door day and night. So you become adicted to work, drink, drugs...Society demands that we be successful and you tell yourself over and over again that you are a real looser. What can you do?

Maybe you might begin by recognizing the difference between past and future: you might take a choice, live in the present. Love? You cannot love if you do not love yourself, if you are overcome by negative thoughts. Love is a positive force in the universe. When we can manifest it openly for those around us, for the trees on the street in front of your house, for our neighborhood, for our country, our culture, for the book you are reading, for your son, for your mate, for what you would love to do in life...when we can muster up love and put it to work for us we are reaffirming respect for ourselves and for everything that surrounds us. It is Nature's remedy for depression.

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