lunes, 13 de enero de 2014

That Night, a composition consisting of words that fly from the soul

There is light in her window,
    There is thunder in her heart
She weeps of love, of life.

There is joy in her heart
    There is magic on her fingertips
She laughs with happy bursts.

Would that she were here,
     Would that she were the wind
To be blown to my open door.

Are you there advancing in the mist?
    Are you there clearing away the clouds?
Yes she says, yes I am warming the day.

Her breath comes in voiceless words
    Her sentences contain no periods
She races ahead with my punctuation.

Can you see the fireflies on the edge of the road?
    Can you see how they come and go as midnight whispers?
There in the thickets wanders my heart, my soul, my life.

The evening is black, dark as starless space
     The night lets its weary eyes fall shut,
The fire of my soul lights my way.

Then it was that the fireflies became doves,
     Then it was that her window sprang open
And I sang my song of naked angels touching and kissing 'till dawn.

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