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American Knights of the Klu Klux Klan to participate in "crime watch" in Pennyslvania?

You are walking down a street in Middle Class America thinking about how to make ends meet when your eyes falls upon a pamphlet that startles you out of your contemplation: ““Neighborhood Watch. You can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is awake.” The throw-away was signed by the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

The surrounding homes in the area of Ridge Road in Fairview Township, Pennsylvania, a municipality along the Susquehanna River northwest of Elizabethtown appear as typically snug as most other similar communities. However the local chapter of the KKK felt it was necessary to organize a crime watch and so contacted Frank Ancona, the organization’s imperial wizard and president, at headquarters in Park Hills, Mo.

“It’s just like any neighborhood watch program. It’s not targeting any specific ethnicity. We would report anything we see to law enforcement,” Ancona said. “We don’t hate people. We are an organization who looks out for our race. We believe in racial separation. God created each species after its kind and saw that it was good.” (According to Eric Veronikis, PennLive.com, who was given a flier by a resident of the area). Ancona gave his blessing to the action. 

Although there are apparently KKK splinter groups, in the interview with PennLive it was asserted that Acona’s organization has chapters in every state except Hawaii. The KKK boss complains of discrimination but points out the secret nature of membership in the following way: ““Members could be the guy who is delivering your pizza. It could be law enforcement from the local sheriff’s office. It could be the nurse taking care of you in the emergency room.” 

            Ancona asserted that the KKK is not affiliated with the neo-Nazi or skinhead movements and that residents of Fairview Township should be relieved that the neighborhood watch is underway. Nevertheless, the Traditionalist American Knights consider anyone outside the organization as an alien: ““Anyone who is not part of the klan is considered an alien,” Ancona said. “These are things that band us in this brotherhood.”

            In nearby Lancaster, a multi-racial community, a resident reported to LancasterOnline that: "This morning my parents woke up to find this flier on the front door of their house. Everyone on their street received one. We are Mexican, so to see our concern to why someone would just leave this on our steps is a very big concern.”

            Crime does exist in this and most other areas of Pennsylvania. But can it be solved with the help of an openly racist organization with a past of lynchings and other atrocities?  

Not unsurprisingly, there were numerous letters to the editor in response to the news about the KKK crime watch. For example, a man identifying himself as Sgt-Jones-Sr wrote PennLive saying:

“It's time to call these guys what they are. I fought for my country and nearly died while in it's service (and I'm not white), yet I'm watching terrorist run amuck. Who cares about their neighborhood watch attempts. How many Americans died at the hands of the KKK through lynching's, hangings, & burnings at the stake (they even took pictures with kids standing around)? I guarantee you it was more than the number of innocent Americans that died in 911. If an American branch of Al-Qaeda came in my neighborhood and said we go to church now & we denounce Bin-Laden's actions & we have "traditional values we intend to promote" & we just want to protect our neighborhood from crime. I would be outraged & every & major media outlet would be on it. We need to stop focusing on what say they're for and label them what they truly are, TERRORIST!. Terror is terror, killing is killing & lynching's are a more horrible way to die than a bomb. Picture a 13 yr. old American boy beaten, strangled, shot then nearly decapitated, & then a cotton gin fan hung around his neck and it was done by Al-Qaeda, then they took pictures at a celebration afterward. This would mean war. This happened in America, only difference is it was celebrated & supported by this group the KKK. Al-Qaeda never lynched a kid for whistling at a white lady, yet we accept & protect this groups use of the first Amendment as justification for their beliefs & actions? We didn't stop the hunt for Bin-Laden but we won't go after a home grown terror group that takes pride in killing Americans in the past & present. Irony?”

A contrary view: Please understand that some of these people may have been hurt at sometime in their lives and need the Lord also. Remember, we are all decendantsof Adam and Eve! We are in the SAME FAMILY!!!!!! All Are equally guilty of sin. Why discriminate against our relatives, our family.! Most important, JOHN 3:16 For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son, that WHOSOEVER believeth in Him, should not perish, but, have EVERLASTING LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Christopher Lavery Sr.)

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