martes, 1 de julio de 2014

Argentina 1, Suiza 0

           Argentina did it. But the Vulture funds are still flying high. Now the "gauchos" will have to try their luck against Belgium. But the debt is still there. You can have style. Guys like Messi, that angel-face Ángel di María, Marcos Rojo. You can win with a touch of luck, or magic or talent. But the debt is still there. The Vultures are flying high and their eyes are so sharp they can focus on a morsel so far away that it would appear to be but an illusion.
          Sure: the vultures are not in the Alps, not exactly in Switzerland but they are flapping over Wall Street, carrying greenbacks in their beaks. You´re an Argentine soccer player and you can eat non genetically modified beef steaks the day before the match. But how in the Hell are you going to pay that debt that some wise money guys bought up for peanuts in order to sell as gold? You can be tricky with the ball, hide it under your shoes, you can sell it on the streets of Buenos Aires with the face of Messi glowing over it while you sip "mate." But that doesn't mean you are ever going to get out of the eternal cycle of debts, debts to pay off the debts that you can´t pay off anyway.
           Doesn´t it somehow make you feel as if the Roman Empire had come back to life and the barbarians had been given the chance to win their freedom? That's what you thought. Win the match and maybe they will forget about all of these debts. But that's not how the Vultures opérate. They feed on dead meat. Risk free. Nothing to loose. A sure and easy multi-million dollar take. So don't get taken in with the mother goose tale about freedom after paying off your debts. You'll have to take out some more debts if you want to do anything with your newly won freedom.
          Anyway Argentina, you've got a few more steps to go, starting with Belgium.

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