lunes, 30 de diciembre de 2013

Happy 2014

Is the end the end or the start of something new?
    Are we celebrating the end of 2013 or the birth of 2014?
        There is always a connection between the ends,
           the ends meet, struggle, fall in love, vanish.

There is ink on a brush,
   an idea dancing on the lips

Do you see that clear blue sky?
   The one you saw last year,
      blending time into visions,
        the silence of the wind gone.

We stretch our thoughts, do our daily deeds
   again and again, as the revolving stars,
       as the flower that raises its face to the above,
           as the heart that beats its song deep in the body.

So tell me please, I plead, are we at the beginning or at the end?
   is this really the end?
      will we survive?
         will we live through 2014 without war, murder, stealing, starvation, deception...

Tell me please if this will be the discovery of a new horizon
     love on the barrel of a machine-gun,
        a fond caress on the face of a child
           a kiss that rebounds from the fiery depths of a volcano...

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